About the author:

Yaser Albahri was born in Kuwait on September 16th, 1975. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Kuwait University (Kuwait) in 1998. In 2001, he obtained his master’s degree in political philosophy from Boston College (USA). In 2007, he was a PhD candidate in political philosophy at Florida State University but could not finish because of an unjust arrest and conviction which landed him in prison with a 15-year sentence. While in prison, he continued his academic career authoring numerous books on a variety of literature including, “Jesus Resuscitated”, “Meet God’s Sons (and Daughters)”, “Who I Am?”, “The House of Cons”, and “Pious Frauds”. Currently, Albahri lives in Kuwait. Visit his website: yaseralbahri.com or follow him on social media: @yaseralbahri.


About Yaser Albahri

(chronological order)

September 16 1975: He is born in Fahaheel City south of Kuwait.

January 1998: He earns a bachelor’s Degree in philosophy from Kuwait University (Kuwait).

January 1999: He wins a scholarship from Kuwait University to study in the U.S. to get M.A. and PhD degrees in political philosophy.

May 2000: He earns his master’s degree “with distinction” in political philosophy from Boston College (USA).

2001: He enrolls in the PhD program in the Philosophy Department at Florida State University to continue his higher education in political philosophy.

2005: He opens up his cultural café, Café Shisha, to serve as an intercultural place where West meets East to learn from each other and know and recognize each other.

2006: He officially becomes a PhD. Candidate at Florida State University in political philosophy.

February 2007: He gets arrested and is put in jail in Florida over false allegations of sexual battery and stays locked up with no bond for nearly two years.

2008: While awaiting trial, he writes his first English book in comparative religion titled, “Jesus Resuscitated: The Story Behind Who Saved the Life of Jesus and Why You Don’t Know About It?” (Not Published till 2014).

September 2008: He gets convicted and receives a fifteen-year prison sentence to be served in Florida prisons (which he serves till 2019 and gets released early on good behavior).

2010: He completes his PhD Dissertation (900 pages) on the political philosophy of the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes and sends it to Florida State University in the hope that they might award him the PhD diploma while incarcerated, but to no avail.

2011: He writes a couple of books on comparative religion such as, “Who Do People Say I Am?”, “Meet God’s Sons (and Daughters)”, and “The First Suicide Attack Ever”. The same year, he translates into Arabic David Eaglesman’s neuroscience book titled, “Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain”.

2012: He writes a theatric script in Arabic titled, “Guantanamo Bay”, stressing the innocence of most of the detainees inside that notorious prison (in 2015, the script is converted into a novel titled, “Anas in Wonderland”).

2013: He writes another book on comparative religion titled, “Pious Frauds”.

2014: He writes his first English book about American prisons titled, ‘’The House of Cons: Games Inmates Play”. The same year, he writes a theatric script in Arabic titled, “Starbucks”.

2015: He writes his story about being falsely accused, getting arrested, and sent to prison for 15 years in Arabic in a book titled, “Behind the Barbed Wire”. (not published till late 2017).

2016: He writes another book in Arabic about the unfair treatment of Muslims in the U.S., titled, “Islamophobia in America”. The same year, he writes another book in Arabic about his confinement experience in US prisons titled, “1000 Nights In Solitary Confinement”.

2017: He write another book in Arabic about American Jews and US Foreign Policy towards Arabs and Palestinians titled, “Here I am O Israel: American Jews and U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Arabs and Palestinians”. The same year, he writes two English Books titled, “Blue Crescents: Islamic advises to Incarcerated Muslims”, and “100 Prison Skills: Survival Edition”.

2018: He writes another book in English about the drug use epidemic in U.S. prisons titled, ‘’Gooking Out: The K-2 Epidemic in U.S. Prisons”. The same year, he writes a couple of more books on prison literature titled, “100 Prison Recipes” and “100 Prison Workouts”.

2019: He writes another English book about U.S. prisons titled, “We Are No Angels: Games Correctional Officers Play”. The same year, he writes an Arabic book about the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait in 1990 titled, “The Crisis’ Men: 30th Anniversary of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait”; an Arabic book about the treatment of dogs in the US titled, “Lucky Dogs”; and Arabic theatric and cinematic  scripts titled, “The Sons of Madrid”, “Muharib Returns”, and “Alhawwaaj”.

November 2019: He Writes his last book while incarcerated in the U.S.: an Arabic book about the notorious Latin gang MS-13, titled, “The MS-13 Gang”.

November 20th, 2019: He gets released on good-behavior and returns to his homeland, Kuwait, after having served thirteen years in American prisons.