Do you have a book? We help you in printing, publishing, and promoting it.

  • Tasks for the Publisher:
    • Design and layout of the book.
    • Printing one thousand copies (first edition).
    • Storage of book crates.
    • Fifty complimentary copies for the author.
    • Addressing ten important individuals for the author to gift them the book via DHL.
    • Submission to Kuwaiti media outlets.
    • Submission of the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to the National Library.
    • Submission to Saudi Arabian media outlets.
    • Delivery of three copies to the National Library.
    • Delivery within and outside Kuwait.
    • Conversion to an e-book.
    • Listing the book for sale in the publishing house’s online store: both physical and electronic versions.
    • Audiobook option (if deemed more popular) after agreeing on the cost.
    • Displaying the book on shelves at Dar Yasser Al-Bahri.
  • Author’s Responsibilities:
    • Authorization for printing, obtaining media coverage, and ISBN registration.
    • Providing a “Word” document ready for printing after final linguistic and spelling check. It will be printed as submitted.
    • Printing, publishing, and distributing rights for three years automatically renewed, or a handwritten book by the author six months before the end of the three-year period.
    • Budget estimation for production, design, printing, and storage of the book (based on page count, paper type, and printing method).
    • Budget estimation for creating a 30-second clip for social media applications.
    • Percentage of book sales at Dar Yasser Al-Bahri’s points of sale split equally after sales. Payment occurs every three months.
    • Percentage of book sales at points of sale with honesty split equally after collections from those points of sale with honesty.

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